Cars 101: How To Know If Your Radiator Is Leaking

The radiator of the car plays an important role in maintaining the temperature of the engine. Despite having a major role in a vehicle’s ability to function, a radiator leak is considered as one of the most common car troubles a car owner will experience at least once in their lifetime. Experienced mechanics and drivers can immediately detect radiator problems which allow them to find a used Mercedes Benz part for replacement as soon as possible.

Since most drivers aren’t skilled or knowledgeable with radiator trouble, here are a few signs to look out for when trying to confirm a radiator leak:

Sign #1: A Drop In The Coolant Levels

Inside the radiator is a fluid called the coolant which is responsible for absorbing the excess heating and keeping the engine temperature down. The coolant level will gradually go down as you use your vehicle and it is necessary to refill the radiator with coolant when the levels are low. However, if you notice a drastic or sudden drop in coolant level, this could be the first sign of a leak.

Anytime a good amount of coolant is discharged it is worth questioning if there is a leak to fix in the radiator.

Sign #2: Puddle Formation Under The Engine

A very clear sign that there is a radiation leak is a puddle found under the car’s engine after it has been parked. The fluid in the puddle is usually bright green and has a slimy texture which is a sure sign of a radiation leak. Do not touch this fluid as it is very toxic to humans and animals so make sure to clean the area as soon as possible and as thoroughly as possible. Properly dispose of the fluid to ensure no humans or animals come into contact with it.

Sign #3: Discolored Or Corroded Radiator

If there is a coolant leak it can lead to the discoloration of the radiator. Leaks that are relatively new will only cause discoloration, but if it is left unchecked and unaddressed for a prolonged period it will lead to the corrosion of the radiator. When checking the radiator inspect the underside for these two signs as well as any of the nearby parts for damage.

To make it easier to spot a leak in the radiator, clean it and its hoses thoroughly using water. Some leaks can be found on the hose which can easily be fixed, but if the leak itself is on the main radiator you may need a used Mercedes Benz part replacement and a mechanic for help.

Never Wait Until It’s Too Late

Another common sign of a radiator leak is the frequent overheating of the engine. Of course, there are other causes of an overheated engine and many drivers tend to put a quick fix to the problem. Waiting until the last minute to check for radiator leaks can lead to more expensive repairs. It is always better to stay on top of these repairs and car parts replacement, especially if you want to save money.

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